XCMG  spider crane   ZQS75-4 small spider lift truck crane

1.light weight structure ,improve the lifting capacity while reducing the unit weight

2.with automatic stow hook technology ,can save the operation time and labor force,work more easily

3.Mechanical sequence valves make telescoping sequence of boom more reliable ,mid-long boom

has strong telescoping capacity with load lifted.

4.independent designed and researched monent limiting system,it can effectively protect people from danger with length and angle limiting devices ,it also has the functions of 

automatic stop for overwinding and automatic stop for leaving minimum wire rope .in addition ,it has forced stow hook function.

5.independent designed and researched technology of mechanical soft leg protection ,can effectively protect crane from danger if one leg uplift or has the trend of off the ground 

while hoisting.Danger motions can be restricted if touch corresponding switch.

XCMG  spider crane
Max. lifting momentkN.m53
Max. lifting capacitykg3000/1.3m
Max. outreachm8.222
Max. lifting heightm8.7
Travel widthmm900
Rated Flow of Hydraulic SystemL/min25
Oil tank capacityL38
Rated pressure of Hydraulic SystemMpa17
Recommended Powerkw7.4
Hook speedm/min3.6(4/4)
Travel speedkmh0~3
Slewing Angle°360°
Crane weight(optional parts are not included)kg2250
Boom section type
Lower hexagon
Leg structure type
Baby hydraulic telescopic legs
Control type
Infinite + Limited Operation Control

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