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Lifting Machinery
Earth Moving Machinery
Road Building Machinery
Logistic Transport Machinery
Concrete Machinery
Aerial working platform&special purpose vehicle
XCMG 22m aerial work platform XGS22 Hydraulic articulated boom lift
XCMG Articulated Aerial Work Platform XGA16
XCMG new 9m lift platform truck XGS5030JGKJ6 China hydraulic platform lifts bucket truck
XCMG 6m Scissor Lift GTJZ0607
XCMG XZJ5251JQJC4 14/18m Bridge Inspection Truck
XZJ5111JGKD5 17 meter Insulation Boom Aerial Operating Truck
XCMG XZJ5072TQZQ5 Flatbed Tow Truck
XCMG 24m aerial work platform XGS24 Hydraulic articulated boom lift
XCMG 28m aerial work platform XGS28 Hydraulic articulated boom lift
XCMG 34m aerial work platform XGS34 Hydraulic articulated boom lift
XCMG 40m aerial work platform XGS40 Hydraulic articulated boom lift
XCMG 43m aerial work platform XGS43 Hydraulic articulated boom lift
XCMG 58m aerial work platform XGS58 Hydraulic articulated boom lift
XCMG 16m mobile electric articulated boom lift XGA16AC Aerial Work Platform
XCMG 20m self-propelled articulated boom lift XGA20 mobile elevating work platform
XCMG Articulated Aerial Work Platform XGA20AC
XCMG Articulated Aerial Work Platform XGA26
XCMG 14 m XGS5067JGKQ6 mobile aerial work folding boom lift platform truck
XCMG XGS5068JGKQ6 18m hydraulic truck mounted aerial platform truck
XCMG new 21m telescopic boom aerial work platform truck XGS5080JGKQ6 China aerial work truck
XCMG Scissor Aerial Work Platform XG0807HD
XG1008HD Scissor Aerial Work Platform
XG1012HD Scissor Aerial Work Platform
XG1212HD Scissor Aerial Work Platform
XG1412HD Scissor Aerial Work Platform
XG1612HD Scissor Aerial Work Platform
XCMG XZJ5081TQZH5 Flatbed Tow Truck
XCMG XZJ5082TQZD5 Flatbed Tow Truck
SINOTRUK HOWO 4x2 road rescue recovery vehicles wrecker tow trucks
XCMG XZJ5320JQJF4 22m Bridge Inspection Truck
Drilling Machinery
Environment Machinery
Fire Machinery
Mining machinery
Truck crane parts
Wheel Loader Parts
Road Roller Parts
Excavator Parts
Excavator Work Tools
Motor Grader Parts
Crawler crane parts
Truck-Mounted Crane Parts
Bulldozer parts
Forklift parts
Hydraulic parts
Paver parts
Engine parts
XCMG takes the lead in laying out the hydrogen energy industry chain
XCMG QY50K spare parts
XCMG launched the world's first plug-in double drive hybrid crane XCT25_ EV
XCMG's hybrid boom aerial operating truck was exported to Central Asia in batches for the first
XCMG large-tonnage pipe jacking machine sent to Egypt
More than a thousand sets of XCMG equipment help Nigeria Dangote Refinery project construction
XCMG loaders help Thailand's agricultural development
Eight-section 82m main boom, all terrain crane XCA260C
XCMG hybrid crane XCT25EV
Here comes the limited coating product
XCMG snow blower PX90
XCMG Five Series Milling Machine XM505
XCMG's new high-end C series all-terrain crane
XCMG ranks to the NO.1 of the world's largest crane manufacturer
50-ton main model XCMG crane QY55K5C_2
XCMG crane anemometer assy
XCMG road roller XS183J delivery
XCMG truck mounted crane SQ14ZK4Q spare parts
XCMG mining dump truck to South America
XCMG crawler crane 400-I boosts plant safety upgrade
XCMG Mining Dump Truck XG105
Did you know that in 2012, XCMG Heavy was celebrated as the “No.1 Global Mobile Crane”?
XCMG garbage collection and transportation equipment exported to Africa
XCMG wheel loader LW500KV
XCMG customized XCA400 challenges Vietnam's "super wind power"
XCMG Port Machinery's first 12-ton load-class counterbalanced forklift successfully rolled off
Water well dilling rig
The world's first unmanned cluster successfully applied high-speed pavement maintenance constru
XCMG XWF1205 Fiber Synchronous Sealing Truck
Fight on Jingxiong Expressway! XCMG helps build another "super project"!
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